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Attention all artists and aspiring artists! Have you ever wondered how painters find the key to turn a natural scene into a composition we all love?

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Scene Selection and Alteration with John Hughes

Attention all artists and aspiring artists! What are you supposed to do when faced with a difficult landscape on location and your painting time is limited? You could speed up the process and paint loosely, which is something John has taught in a previous webinar. Another approach is to spend the lions share of your existing painting time rendering the most important part of the scene and saving final adjustments for the studio.

In this webinar John will take you out on location on a late autumn afternoon and show you how to approach this very same dilemma.

You won’t want to miss this revealing glimpse into the mind and procedures of this renowned artist as he takes you on an artistic journey to one of his many plein air haunts near the Wasatch Range in Utah.

You’re about to find out in this premium webinar, as award winning landscape artist John Hughes takes you on a unique hour-long journey into the mind of the artist.
This is your chance to observe the whole process from scene selection to scene alteration; which is the vital ingredient before any painting is ever started!
Just as much as the physical brushstrokes, the mental skill of seeing and interpreting is what makes a painter great. You won’t want to miss this rare and revealing look inside the process that John really uses in his projects. 
You’ll have the opportunity to see exactly what John saw on a real landscape, and then observe how he altered the scene; but most importantly why and how. This is done digitally. 

In easy to understand language, and with a wealth of illustrations, John will clear up the mysteries and show you the way to analyze landscapes as a prerequisite to creating stunning landscapes of your own.

You’ll learn:

  • What to look for in a natural landscape
  • How to alter a landscape photograph as a way to prepare your mind to do the same thing intuitively out on location
  • How to correct imperfections for a convincing composition
  • How to size up the flaws and evaluate a scene
And much more! John’ teaching style is easy going and his love of nature and art is contagious! Through over 40 years of teaching, he has learned that the acquisition of knowledge doesn’t have to be a drudgery and he loves to share what he knows with others! And the best part is that you will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of this timely presentation for years to come!


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