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Artists Hack the Inbox: Email Like a Pro!

Create authentic connections with your audience through strategic communication that resonates with their hearts and builds a loyal following – consistently and effortlessly!

With Website Mastery in place, you’ll have the freedom to expand your reach and make a lasting impact in the art world.

Our innovative approach empowers artists like you to streamline the way you respond to visitors to your website, freeing up your time to focus on what you love most—creating art.
With our ground-breaking solution, you can seamlessly connect with each and every visitor to your website, fostering genuine relationships and nurturing your artistic community. Say goodbye to manual follow-ups and hello to effortless engagement. Personalize your interactions with EVERY visitor to your website and leave a lasting impression on your audience without sacrificing your precious time.

Build meaningful connections that resonate with your visitors, fueling inspiration and paving the way for artistic success. Experience the power of Website Mastery and watch your art business thrive as you effortlessly engage with your website visitors.

Liberate Your Creativity: 

Experience the exhilaration of uninterrupted creative flow as you shed the weight of writing every visitor to your website and reap the rewards of being connected.

Reclaim Your Time

As an artist, your focus should be on nurturing your creativity and sharing your unique vision with the world. However, the demands of managing the email responses can consume your time and energy, or worse, letting those opportunities slip through your fingers by not connecting at all, either taking you away from your artistic passion, or allowing a possible collector slip through your fingers! Now, imagine a world where you’re able to respond to EVERY visitor to your website and it all runs seamlessly; every visitor to your website receives a series of emails that help to fully connect them to you and your art! Plus allows you to channel your energy into creating extraordinary works of art.

Your Artistic Journey

Your artistry has the power to captivate hearts, evoke emotions, and inspire countless individuals. Yet, the visitors to your website usually have wait until you are inspired to send out a newsletter to hear from you, because you’re too busy creating.

           It’s time to break free from these constraints and unlock the true potential of your artistic journey!

Are You Spending Too Much Time Answering Emails? Or Worse, Not Connecting At All.

Want To Spend More Time Doing What You Love? While The Emails Are All Handled!

Here's How It Works

Setting up your personalized landing page and email sequence has never been easier. Our user-friendly platform guides you through the process step by step, ensuring a smooth setup experience. Simply customize your landing page to reflect your artistic style, and when a visitor fills out the form, our system will automatically initiate an email sequence crafted to continually send that contact back to specific pages on your website where your opportunities are created.

Nurturing Relationships:

Our email sequence is strategically designed to cultivate meaningful connections with your audience. It all starts with a heartfelt thank you for stopping by, instantly conveying your appreciation. As the sequence progresses, carefully crafted emails are sent to encourage the contact to reach out to you and take action on the offers you create. Our goal is to help you build a strong bond with your audience, driving them to engage and connect with your art.

Drive Action and Grow Your Art Business

Imagine the impact of having a dedicated system that prompts your audience to take action on your offers. Whether it’s attending an upcoming exhibition, booking a commission, or purchasing your latest artwork, our email sequence guides your contacts towards these desired actions. Watch your art business flourish as more individuals respond and engage with your artistic creations.

Affordable At $15 per month ($97 setup fee)
We will even wave the setup fee with an annual subscription

Join the community of artists who are revolutionizing their art businesses with our low-cost email automation solution. Start nurturing connections, driving action, and achieving your artistic goals with ease. Sign up today to unlock the full potential of your art business and forge lasting relationships with your audience.

$180 Annually

Purchase the annual package and we will wave the $97 set up fee with an annual subscription. Pay $180 today

$15 per month with a one time $97 set up fee

A low monthly commitment.
Pay just $112 and get started today.

We are setting a standard of excellence in art instruction. You can be assured that every purchase you make will add usable gems of information to your current storehouse of artistic knowledge. With practice, you will be well on your way to painting mastery.


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