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The Automatic Sales Formula

Hey there! We’re scouting for 10 curious artists eager to embark on a unique journey that begins the connection with the visitors to your site: beta testing the Automatic Artist. Imagine snagging a lifetime deal at just $10 a month and we’ve reduced the setup fee to $50 dollars, so you can get started today for just $60.  And the best part? That rate is yours to keep forever, regardless of any future price jumps. Intrigued? Just click below to secure your spot with us. We REALLY appreciate your help!

Art Sales Made Easy: Your Blueprint for Success

We’ve created a straightforward process that connects artists with eager collectors!!!!

Our system offers a direct pathway for artists to meet enthusiastic collectors, the flow is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach!

You're Always Connected

We know your creative spirit is boundless, and your personal connections should be, too.

The Automatic Artist operates tirelessly 24/7, ensuring that your art and connections with you are always within reach. Even while you’re fully immersed in creating, sharing treasured moments with family and friends, or just spending some well-deserved time chilling

The Automatic Artist system is always working to connect you with people who are interested in your art and share valuable information about you and what you are doing. Regardless of time zones or commitments, your Automatic Artist is always working for you.

It's About Your List

Every person clicking on your site is potentially someone who will fall head over heels for your art. But it’s not just about hoping they’ll hit the ‘buy’ button today or tomorrow. It’s about the long game, building a relationship with them that’s more like a friendship than a sales pitch.

The LARGER YOUR LIST,  the more opportunities you have for your art to find its forever home.

Creating Connections and Engagement

Your Offer

How many nights have you spent tossing and turning hoping that someone will visit your gallery and actually buy a piece of your art?

There Is A Better Way!

Create an offer!

Your offer is the spotlight on your art. It’s like saying, “Hey, over here! Check this out!” but in a way that feels special and inviting. It’s your first handshake with a potential collector.

The Automatic Artist

With an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach, you can showcase your work directly to eager collectors, streamlining the process and making it more efficient for everyone involved.

This direct pathway can really transform how you and collectors interact, making it easier for your art to find its forever home.

Connect & Engage

The Automatic Artist kicks off its magic whenever a visitor lands on your site, gently popping up a form after just 10 seconds, inviting them to stay connected by sharing their& details.

That’s just the warm-up.  Soon after your visitor shares their email, they’re greeted with a heartfelt email thanking them for their visit and inviting them to stay connected.

The Journey

young beautiful blond woman sit on the sofa in livingroom hold tablet in arms sunny morning concept

Each new contact is guided through a specialized email journey, spotlighting your art and process, building their interest step by step.

This sets the stage and slowly raises the curtain on what you have to offer. And by the time they hit the fourth email, their anticipation is at its peak, and they’re more than ready to see your special offer.

Our Case Study: Alex

In the vibrant world of art, where creativity knows no bounds, Alex found himself at a crossroads. A talented artist with a passion for connecting with people through his art, Alex struggled to bridge the gap between creating and selling. Despite having a website showcasing his incredible work, the challenge of effectively reaching out to new visitors and turning them into devoted collectors remained a struggle.

Alex’s website, is colorful tapestry of his art, and attracted visitors from across the globe. However, the excitement of gaining new visitors often fizzled out, as Alex faced difficulties in capturing their contact information to create and maintain a meaningful relationship. The website lacked a system to engage visitors immediately, leading to missed opportunities to convert them into collectors.

Implementing The Automatic Artist
A Turning Point

The introduction of the Automatic Artist system marked a new chapter in Alex’s business.

This powerful tool transformed Alex’s approach to engaging with website visitors.

The system, designed to operate tirelessly around the clock, ensured that Alex’s art and his connection with potential collectors were always within reach.

Allowing him the freedom to continue to create!

Step 1: Building a List of Interested Collectors

The Automatic Artist kicked off its magic by gently inviting site visitors to share their details through a pop-up form, appearing just 10 seconds after they landed on the site. This simple yet effective strategy significantly increased Alex’s list of interested collectors.

Step 2: Creating Immediate Engagement

The real game-changer was the system’s ability to follow up with a heartfelt email minutes after a visitor shared their email. This immediate engagement created a sense of real connection, transforming the visitor’s experience from a mere browse to the beginning of a meaningful relationship with Alex and his art.

Step 3: Crafting a Focused Offer

With a growing list of engaged collectors, Alex then focused on crafting compelling offers for his artwork. These offers were not just sales pitches but invitations to experience his art on a deeper level. This strategic approach turned potential interest into actual art sales in just 4 emails, making the dream of his art finding its forever home a reality.


Alex’s journey is a testament to the power of embracing the Automatic Artist system all while he continued to create new art. It illustrates the importance of not just creating art but also creating connections. For artists struggling to bridge the gap between their creations and the collectors, Alex’s story serves as a blueprint for success. By building a list, engaging effectively, and offering something special, artists can turn their passion into a thriving business, ensuring their art finds its forever home with collectors who truly appreciate it.

Leaving Nothing To Chance

By including additional emails beyond the initial sequence, we ensure that you’re not just making a one-time connection but are building a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your collector(s).

What You Get:

Get Started Building Your List And
Selling Your Art Today


Your Artistry, Ever-Accessible

We’re attuned to the fact that your creative spirit has no bounds, and nor should your accessibility. The Automatic Artist operates tirelessly, 24/7, ensuring that your artistry and narrative are forever within reach. While you’re fully immersed in your artistic journey, cherishing well-deserved relaxation, or sharing treasured moments with loved ones, our automated system forges connections and imparts valuable information to those entranced by your work. Regardless of time zones or commitments, your artistry shines brightly.


$97 setup fee wiaved
$ 180 Annually
  • Template Landing Page 3 to choose from
  • 6 Custom Automated emails
  • YouTube or Vimeo Hosted Videos
  • Capture Collectors’ Contact Information
  • $15/mo $97 setup fee if paid monthly No setup fee if paid annually (Save $97)


$97 setup fee wiaved
$ 240 Annually
  • Template Landing Page 3 to choose from
  • 9 Custom Automated emails
  • Capture Collectors’ Contact Information
  • Choose from three backgrounds
  • Choose from three fonts
  • Choose from three color palettes
  • $20/mo $147 setup fee if paid monthly $50 setup fee if paid annually (Save $97)


$97 setup fee wiaved
$ 300 Annually
  • Custom Landing Page 3 to choose from
  • 12 Custom Automated emails
  • Videos Hosted on our account
  • Capture Collectors’ Contact Information
  • Use your custom branding colors
  • Custom Fonts
  • Your Branding Template
  • Your Br$25/mo $297 setup fee if paid monthly $200 setup fee if paid annually (Save $97)anding Template


If paid annually (Save $97)


$15/mo $97 setup fee if paid monthly No setup fee if paid annually (Save $97)
$180 Annually $97 setup fee wiaved


If paid annually (Save $97)


$20/mo $147 setup fee if paid monthly $50 setup fee if paid annually (Save $97)
$240 Annually $97 setup fee wiaved


If paid annually (Save $97)


$25/mo $297 setup fee if paid monthly $200 setup fee if paid annually (Save $97)
$300 Annually $97 setup fee wiaved


Response: The Automatic Artist is designed specifically for artists who may not have a background in technology. It offers a straightforward interface and plenty of support, making it easy to manage without needing to be tech-savvy.

Response: On the contrary, by automating routine marketing
tasks, the Automatic Artist saves you time, allowing you to
spend more hours in the studio while maintaining an active
marketing presence.

Response: The platform is a cost-effective solution that
eliminates the need for multiple tools and services. By
consolidating your marketing efforts in one place, you
actually reduce overall costs.

Response: While galleries are a great avenue for sales, using the Automatic Artist doesn’t replace gallery sales but complements them by enhancing your direct relationship with collectors, which can lead to more personal and profitable interactions.
Response: Security is a top priority for the Automatic Artist. The platform uses advanced security measures to protect all data, ensuring that both your information and your customers’ information are safe from unauthorized access.
Response: The Automatic Artist includes features to manage frequency and content of communications, ensuring that your messages are relevant and well-timed. This helps maintain engagement without overwhelming your subscribers.

Response: While social media is great for visibility, email provides a direct and personal line of communication. It’s perfect for in-depth storytelling or exclusive offers that might get lost in the fast-paced social media streams.

Response: The Automatic Artist comes with templates and guidelines designed specifically for artists. These resources can help you craft compelling content that resonates with your audience and drives sales.

Response:You don’t need to send emails very frequently to see benefits. Even monthly updates can keep your audience engaged and informed about your work, ensuring you remain in their thoughts when they are ready to purchase.

Response:: Every list starts small. The Automatic Artist helps you grow your list over time by optimizing your website and content for sign-ups. Plus, even a small, engaged list can drive significant sales.

Response: Email marketing is often about consistency and strategy. The Automatic Artist helps refine your approach based on what has or hasn’t worked in the past, using analytics to tailor your campaigns more effectively.

Response: : Actually, email allows for personalization that isn’t possible on other platforms. You can address subscribers by name, respond directly to their replies, and segment your list to tailor messages to different groups.

Response: The Automatic Artist is designed to be userfriendly, with a quick setup process and intuitive design. Plus, our customer support team is here to help you every step of the way.

Response: The Automatic Artist complies with all major data protection regulations, including GDPR, to ensure that you’re collecting and using emails legally. We provide all the tools necessary to maintain compliance.

Response:We offer flexible plans, including monthly options without long-term commitments. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time based on your needs and satisfaction with the service.

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If paid annually (Save $97)


$15/mo + $97 setup fee 


If paid annually (Save $97)


$20/mo + $97 setup fee 


If paid annually (Save $97)


$25/mo + $97 setup fee
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